Anti-India sentiments of Pakistanis vs Anti-Pakistan sentiments of Indians

Recently, Pakistan expressed her desire to mend relations with India by requesting a meeting between Pakistani FM and Indian FM in the sidelines of the UNGA summit.

India, after confirming the meeting took back the confirmation, citing Pakistan’s “unclean intentions” as the cause. Governments have a facade to maintain, so this was pretty much expected from both sides.

The two major players, Imran Khan and Narender Modi, are currently standing on opposing sides of the nearest elections, and as a result, both cannot afford to take radical policy measures that go against the opinions of the majority of the population.

Could the events that have just transpired (Pakistan interested in peace, India giving a cold shoulder) be a reflection of the sentiments of the general masses in both countries? We decided to take a peek at the comments sections of Dawn and Times Of India for the same news item to find out.

India Pakistan

Before going through these comments, let us make some things abundantly clear: if you are a Pakistani and think Pakistan has never done anything wrong, and India is solely responsible for the deteriorating relations between the two countries, please leave.

Conversely, if you are an Indian and think India has never done anything wrong, and Pakistan is solely responsible for the deteriorating relations between the two countries, please leave.


I don’t understand why India doesn’t sit down – there is no other option and it doesn’t do any harm to the indian image internationallly – just sit down and talk

If WE (Pakistan/India) sit & talk, THEY (Russia/America) will loose Billions of dollars on defense contact. Rest you figure out.

Very sad to hear this news. When we listen that both FM are meeting with each other that was happiest day because India and Pakistan can not prosperous without good relation with each other.

I hope peace loving Indians take a notice and vote carefully in the next election. How can Pakistan make peace when the other side clearly do not want it?

All talks are meaningless between both the countries. Let both work for the welfare of the people instead of expecting any good relations with each other.

Times Of India

What”s the use of meeting between India and when Pakistan is always supporting terrorism?as if calling off a meeting was a great thing..declare war n wipe off pak army..,There is a saying”Without war u can”t get peace”..

Pappu 420, and Congress, CPM who openly support Naxalites, maoists, and Kashmir terrorists as well as Pakistan, are more dangerous than Pakistan and all terrorists combined

Trillions Of Trillions Congrtaulations Slap,On Devil Deceit Liar Ashes Of Evil Un-Holy Triple Na Pak Faces Pigstan Hand Picked Selected KAT PUTLI Taliban IMAM Khan,Un-Civic TANDAV Goventment Stringed,Hand Gloves Of ISI Under STINKY SKIRTED Pant Of Cross Border Terror General Bajwa,India Calls Of Meeting With Pakistan At,UNGA Says Foreign Ministry Of 1.35 Crores Citizen Of India Jai Hind-Jai Jawan Jai Kisan,Bharat Mata Ki Jai

What do you expect of Swines who took all the money from US and shoved the barrel of the gun up their back in the form of Osama?,They will do it with China too.Why India will be an exception?India should also shove up the pakis back Lock Stock and Barrel.Ever heard of dialogue with swines

A weak or a small country runs its election campaign on a rhetoric against a powerful or large country. Why our political parties in India run election with a rhetoric against Pakistan, i do not see that happens across the border in Pakistan. They never talk about India during their election. Are we scared of Pakistan? or we do not have any substantial topics to lure voters except hatred. We should talk to Pakistan, people talk to each other only when they have issues. This mentality of Indian minority is not good for India, it is making us low and coward in the eyes of the world. We cry like an old woman does when people annoy her. Think as an Indian not as a Hindu.

Some really thoughtful comments from both sides, and there are signs that people in both countries want peace.

However, it is unfortunate to conclude that people in India harbor so much hate against Pakistan that they would feel no shame in nuking Pakistan off the map if given the chance.

On the other hand, Pakistanis are generally amiable toward their Indian counterparts and would latch onto the first opportunity to improve relations between the two countries.